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Fran Rochas is a Spanish-based filmmaker, creative director and media artist.

His artistic approach is shaped by the desire for interdisciplinary experimentation and clear decisiveness regarding an analytical view of aesthetic perception.
He works in creative new media platforms and immersive experiences, offering event and performance management,
art direction and scenography as well as producing films&video mapping projections.

Fran’s work has received awards from the prestigious EuBEA, FIP and Evento Plus Awards.
He creates interactive
experiences and products, movies and audiovisual shows for companies (Repsol,Peugeot,Huawei,NCB Bank,Philip Morris,Leroy Merlin,BMW,etc)which striveto be identified with  technology,design andart.

The scope of his activity is as versatile as both the wide array of ways in which it can be experienced and the challenges faced with multimedia projects: from architectural stagings within urban areas via sculpture installations to lighting concepts and stage designs.

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